Delphi Transportation Analytics FZCO (Trade Name: DTA International Consultancy) is an interdisciplinary solutions-oriented firm dedicated to research, innovation, and technology transfer, specializing in the optimization of transportation and logistics systems.

Intelligent Transportation Planning Solutions, Helping Clients Move Forward

Delphi Transportation Analytics FZCO (Trade Name: DTA International Consultancy) synthesizes wide-ranging expertise in transportation and telecommunications technology; spatial modeling of transportation networks; highway, rail, and freight logistics; and transportation operations and planning to identify potential efficiency gains, service improvements, and cost-effective solutions to issues such as traffic congestion, emergency response, fleet utilization, and service planning. DTA International Consultancy has expertise in data mining and advanced analytics that helps agencies make the most of widespread and seemingly unrelated data sources.

DTA International Consultancy provides value to businesses and government agencies through management consulting in technology transfer, planning, business intelligence reporting, VAT implementation and applications of information technologies. Moreover, with the focus on intelligent transportation solutions, DTA International Consultancy supports Smart City initiatives implementation around the world.